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ERWIN SMITH by oberon13 ERWIN SMITH :iconoberon13:oberon13 10 4 LEVI by oberon13 LEVI :iconoberon13:oberon13 9 4 Grimmjow by oberon13 Grimmjow :iconoberon13:oberon13 1 0 Demon: OC by oberon13 Demon: OC :iconoberon13:oberon13 4 4 Inner Hollow by oberon13 Inner Hollow :iconoberon13:oberon13 6 6 Ichigo and Renji: wip by oberon13 Ichigo and Renji: wip :iconoberon13:oberon13 3 0 Peter Pan by oberon13 Peter Pan :iconoberon13:oberon13 3 4 Untitled by oberon13 Untitled :iconoberon13:oberon13 4 0 Loki, the ice Prince by oberon13 Loki, the ice Prince :iconoberon13:oberon13 4 0 Headphones by oberon13 Headphones :iconoberon13:oberon13 3 10 AOT: WIP by oberon13 AOT: WIP :iconoberon13:oberon13 8 2 The fading Elk by oberon13 The fading Elk :iconoberon13:oberon13 2 2 Photo on 2014-10-23 at 18.13 by oberon13 Photo on 2014-10-23 at 18.13 :iconoberon13:oberon13 2 0 BLEACH: Ulquiorra by oberon13 BLEACH: Ulquiorra :iconoberon13:oberon13 1 0 BLEACH: Kisuke by oberon13 BLEACH: Kisuke :iconoberon13:oberon13 1 0 Grell: wip by oberon13 Grell: wip :iconoberon13:oberon13 4 0


Beware of the Dark, it's where Demons hide. by Z-Pico Beware of the Dark, it's where Demons hide. :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 1,821 79 Still water by Krisild Still water :iconkrisild:Krisild 26 11 promises by agnes-cecile promises :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,348 92 Viktor Nikiforov paint 2 by Brilcrist Viktor Nikiforov paint 2 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,545 63 Bob Mayfield by nathie Bob Mayfield :iconnathie:nathie 1,526 87 alfa by IQuoter alfa :iconiquoter:IQuoter 854 9 Thranduil with jewelry by TheIdeaFix Thranduil with jewelry :icontheideafix:TheIdeaFix 873 48 Thranduil by TheIdeaFix Thranduil :icontheideafix:TheIdeaFix 262 19 Thranduil king of mirkwood by TheIdeaFix Thranduil king of mirkwood :icontheideafix:TheIdeaFix 553 46
Make-Up (Levi X Reader)
"Is it true that before Marco died, you two were gay for each other?" Eren asked, looking over at Jean who was sitting on the other side of Mikasa. You rolled your eyes and lazily scooped another spoonful of soup into your mouth.
"Wha- Shut up titan-boy! That's a false accusation, I-I wasn't with Marco!" Jean protested, leaning over the table so he could see past Mikasa and at Eren.
"It's a good thing you sat in between them." You said to her.
"It doesn't seem like it's doing much of a difference." She muttered.
"You're not denying that you're gay though, horse-face." Eren said.
"Oooh, Ymir told me that she heard moans coming from your room back when we were cadets. You can't deny it now!" Connie said from where he sat next to you, and across from Jean.
"Ymir!" Jean said, looking over a few seats. The girl shrugged as a smirk tugged on her face.
"No one is going to judge you, Jean, we were just curious." Christa said from where she sat across from Ymir.
"... Well maybe I-"
"(f/n)! PSSS
:icongreystream:Greystream 1,130 349
Sleeping Heichou (Levi X Reader)
You sighed contently as you finally settled back against the trunk of the tree. "Finally, some time to relax..." You muttered. You'd been helping Hanji all morning, with her experiments on that poor Jaeger kid. He looked just as tired as you as he gave you a small wave, walking back inside the castle. It was dawn, so the sun was setting over Wall Rose (I spent like fifteen minutes making sure it was dawn and not dusk, is that concerning?). You smiled and closed your eyes, planning just to rest for a bit before going to bed.
"HEY! (F/N), (F/N), HEY IT'S ME, HANJI!" A shrill voice called out. You shut your eyes tighter, as if not being able to see her would block out her sound. You groaned and opened your eyes, turning your head slightly to the right to see her running figure.
"What is it, Hanji? I've helped you all day, and I'm tired." You said, slowly getting to your feet. She grabbed your forearm, helping you up, though you pushed her away as a I-can-do-it-myself sign. She giggled fur
:icongreystream:Greystream 999 224
Bleach seven minutes in heaven: Kenpachi
“And the first contestant will be ________!” Tatsuki yelled. ‘Shit.’ You made your way up and reached in the bag. Please be him…  Your hand swum through the sea of items hen something stabbed your palm. You grabbed it and pulled it put. You looked it over and noticed it was a neon pink cocktail sword. You let out a giggle then held it up.
“Who’s pink sword?” You gulped slightly when Kenpachi stood up with a mischievous grin spred wide across his face as he walked over to you. You looked up at his towering figure, trying to seem as if you weren’t scared at all.
“So… Do you to want the-”
“The closet will be fine.” He smiled down atyou.
“I couldn’t agree more.” You walked into the closet with him in tow. Tatsuki closed and locked the door once the two of you were in. You sat on the floor, glad it was too dark for him to see the worry across your face.
“What are you wor
:iconslashedsam:Slashedsam 84 18
Sleeping Habits (Levi X Reader)
Something lightly tapped your shoulder. You mumbled and shook it off. Another tap, this time harder. You lifted your hand and swatted away, only to fall on the floor. You yelped in surprise as you came into contact with the harsh wood. Eyes shooting open, you saw a pair of boots. "Wha-What happened?! I swear I was cleaning!" You said, quickly scrambling to stand back up.
"Yes, of course you were. Which explains why you were asleep leaning against a mop." Hanji said with a smile. You sighed and shrugged. "Anyway, the reason I interrupted your nap, is because I need you to do me a favor." She said.
"I have a feeling I can't deny, so what is it?" You asked, putting the mop against the wall.
"Can you deliver this to Corporal Shorty?" Hanji asked, handing you two folders filled to the brim with papers.
You looked out the window that was to your left. It was pitch black outside. "Hanji, what time is it?" You asked, turning back to the brunette.
"Oh, y'know, just the regular three in the morn
:icongreystream:Greystream 1,639 402
Over the Garden Wall by crownedkings Over the Garden Wall :iconcrownedkings:crownedkings 1,311 40 From a boy to the Beast by zeldacw From a boy to the Beast :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 1,096 80 Over the Guardian Wall by Tenshiryuu Over the Guardian Wall :icontenshiryuu:Tenshiryuu 201 31




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